JFXMapPane – Sneek Peak…

I have recently been developing software using JavaFX and needed a “widget” that did not exist. I needed a Map component that would allow me to use static cached map tiles (Tile Pyramid) or a web service, and place various items on the map at specific geographical locations. I noted that there where 2 previous “Map” example apps – one that used the WebView component http://fxexperience.com/2011/05/maps-in-javafx-2-0/ and another by Rafal Rusin http://rrusin.blogspot.com/2011/06/visualizing-gis-data-in-javafx-20-beta.html  that used a fairly heavy weight external library (GeoTools). These although nice did not fit my requirements, and after searching the web found a good basic java based map component JMapViewer http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/wiki/JMapViewer . After studying how it worked I realized that simply porting it to JavaFX would be too much work, like all the other GIS based map tools I have seen so I have rolled my own. I did use a couple of files from JMapViewer and have left the authors information and copyrights intact (GPL).

If someone wants to incorporate this into JFXtras – or any other library please feel free.



7 thoughts on “JFXMapPane – Sneek Peak…

    • Hi

      I’ve almost cried when I checked your sources for this demo. The thing is, that I am also developing exactly the same thing, but unfortunately can not make my sources public since its a a part of a project for a paying customer (and I haven’t brought up the question if I will be allowed to open-source the generic parts in the future .. but I will when the project is finished). So … the thing is that my ideas how to implement this are very very close to yours , for example some of the class names
      JFXMapPane -> TileMapView
      TileSource / AbstractOsmTileSource -> AbstractTileProviderDefinition
      OsmTileSource -> OSMTileProviderDefinition, OpenCycleMapTileProviderDefinition

      … and so on .. you get the picture

      If you’re still working in this area feel free to contact me … maybe we could exchange some ideas …

      Nice work, bye the way !

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  2. Great to see that JMapViewer will be ported over to javafx. If the API is maintained (draw a line on the map tiles) than this is all I need. Thank you for your work.

  3. Hey
    I think having this as a library instead of a set of java classes would be far more convenient and easier. If you can do it that would be great.

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